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Extension beads with custom tool

What Makes me different? 

I have been trained and certified in the connected method system. Different from other trainings, I seeked out the best way possible to add extensions in your hair without breaking your natural hair. This will allow the most support for the weft and preventing damage to the natural hair.

When I see my guests sit in my chair, struggling with thinning and damaged hair from medical issues, mental illness, chemical damage, natural damage, postpartum, medication and many more reasons, I have wanted to help them find options. This is when I knew I wanted to extend my knowledge of hair extensions. 

To some of us, hair is just hair. To many of us hair is what makes us feel great about ourselves. It gives us the confidence we want or want back. I wanted to help give confidence to women, even if that was making their hair longer or thicker. Now that I have found a trusted way to get the hair you want without damaging the hair you have, let’s get started!

My mission

I know how important It is to get the best life and experience out of your hair. In this process, I want to make sure that we keep your natural hair in great condition while giving you the thickness/and or length you are wanting.

At home care

  • I recommend a hydrating shampoo and conditioner; however, some might be too heavy for extensions. A medium or light weight is recommended, as extensions absorb conditioner differently than natural hair. To prevent matting when dried make sure you rinse thoroughly.

  • Make sure you are using sulfate-free products. This so important to keep extensions protected! 

  • Shampoo is a detergent and will strip out oils and can cause weaker hair only shampoo 2-3 times a week… please read this again. 

  • Leave in conditioners are a must for extensions. Your extensions cannot produce the natural oils like your hair. The leave in conditioner is going to help nourish the hair, detangle, protect from heat (if it is included in the product you have), smooth the cuticle while preventing damage, and add moisture. This product as well should be a lightweight product 

  • Purple shampoo will grab faster to extensions then natural hair. Be sure to rub in hands first to start the suds before applying to scalp. Make sure the extensions are the last to be touched by purple shampoo.

  • Oil is needed to keep your extensions moisturized. You need to make sure you don’t apply an oil with silicone, as this will make your extensions have a slippery feel. I recommend you use an oil daily as extensions won’t produce oil themselves.

  • Combing your extensions with a wide tooth comb or a wet brush is recommended. This will help not pull on the extensions and your natural hair.

  • Please use low heat or air dry to dry your hair. This will help prevent damage.

  • Swimming with extensions will dry out and ruin them. Here are some tips to help

    • Never let hair down and loose in the water this will cause them to tangle and be hard to brush out.

    • Tie in a braid or a braided bun if the hair will be in water. The more secure the hair, the more protected it will be.

    • Spray in a leave in conditioner before braiding for extra protection.

    • Shampoo well after swimming being sure the salt or chlorine is thoroughly removed.

    • If you plan on doing a scuba trip or event that involves being in water long periods, I recommend removing your extensions before the trip. Even with the advice and tips I can’t guarantee it will 100% protect your extensions from getting ruined. 


Warning: Danielle Fields Salon is not liable for damage to the hair extensions or your own hair due to negligence or failure to comply with hair care instructions.

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